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Unlimited access to your doctor and numerous services are yours through an affordable monthly membership.

Memberships: Insurance


  • Age 0-25 - $35/month      ($15 with a parent member)                                              

  • Age 26 or older - $75/month


  • 2 Adults - $135/month

    • LGBTQ friendly​

  • 1 Adult plus children 

    • $75 + $15 per child

  • 2 Adults plus children

    • $135 + $15 per child


  • 5 or more employees

    • $55/month each​

    • All or part of the membership paid by        the employer

Registration fee applies to each individual, employee, couple, or family - $75 

Contact us for pricing on: Unique needs, such as frequent home visits, nursing home, end of life care or anything else you feel is not listed.

If you have questions please Contact us. We love helping patients understand the benefits of Relief DPC and will take whatever time necessary to answer your questions. If it is not right for you, no worries, no pressure.

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